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event counter

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I want to add the number of times an HP or a boiler is on to know the number of on/off cycles for those devices along a simulation. Is there a specific type to do this accounting? Thanks.

2 Answers

Hello @juche,

Sounds like you want Type 1505, Event Counter, which is part of the TESS Controllers library of components. The output of Type 1505 will tally the number of times a device was "off" and turned "on" during a simulation. 

If you do not currently have access to the TESS Controllers library, you can find library descriptions and ordering information at https://trnsys.com/tess-libraries/index.html


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Thank you for your fast answer. I didn't see that type since I'm not yet using version 18 for TESS due to the problems related to type 581. Following the indications associated with a recent post last October, I will try to combine the components of both libraries' versions to overcome this issue.