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Latent gain from plants

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Dear Users,

I am modelling a greenhouse. and i have developped a type that is able to estimate the sensible heat and latent heat from plants.

For my current model, i add the sensible heat as convective gain and the latent gain as absolute humidity. 

my question is : does Type 56 consider the latent heat as i added the absolute humidity or should i add also the "estimated latent heat from my new Type" as convective gain ?


Thank you.


2 Answers

Type56 takes latent gains in kg/h of water so as an absolute humidity gain.

As a side note, there is an evapotranspiration model included in the latest version of the TESS Libraries. The underlying algorithm in that model is technically for outdoor plants but I have used it a number of times for greenhouse modeling and gotten reasonable results.

kind regards,


Topic starter

Thank You David,


But my question is : Does TYPE 56 accounts for the heat variation when i add the absolute humidity or not ? 

because if i add 10 kg/hr or 100 there is no effect on the air temperature.


kind regards,